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*Brothers Grimm Sucks! Do Not See

I RARELY ever agree with critics and sites like Rotten Tomatoes…but they got this one right.  Brothers Grimm sucked!  I almost never  fall asleep in a movie..and Brothers Grimm was so bad..i lost interest completely and started to doze off.  The movie was HORRIBLE.  It wasnt funny..wasnt scary..and  was full of randomness and didnt make any sense. Dont these people know that a movie is bad before they release it?
I feel bad for Matt Damon..but he should know better than being in a movie tlike this.  Heath Ledger will take anything he can get so im sure he doesnt care.
So be warned..do not see this movie

Broken Flowers- Bill Murray hittting his second wind

Everything with Bill Murray these days is a winner. Seems like ever since he hit that second wind in his career and started playing oddball or dark characters everyone loves him again.
Broken Flowers is no different. If you liked Lost in Translation and Life Aquatic…you’ll like Broken Flowers.  Its got lots of randomness…some really funny scenes…and a wierd ending.
Check it out…its doing really well for a smaller movie

Red Eye- pretty good

Saw Red Eye yesterday and I have to say it was good!  Rachel McAdams is going to have a good career.  Its good action…a bit short (only 1hr 20 mins)…but definitely worth seeing.
check it out

Four Brothers- Good

Four Brothers was pretty good. Andre from Outkast actually has some skills to!   If you like a good action/revenge movie..this is good.  check it out

The Island- surprisingly good!

I saw the island this week, and I have to say it was surprisingly good!
The previews totally didnt do it justice, and i think thats why most people didnt originally go see it on the opening weekend. 
The movie has awesome action..cool futuristic/sci fi stuff..and cool chase scenes.
Definitely a must see..and Ewan McGregor or Scarlett Johansen fans…you gotta see this.

***** Wedding Crashers- a must see!

I know i dont have to tell all the Vince Vaugh and Owen Wilson fans this..but this movie is hilarious!  You gotta see it. 
If you noticed..it actually jumped back up to number 1 this past weekend! Not too many movies ever do that.