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The Sound Of Thunder- Good for Sci Fi fans, but cheap on the effects

The Sound of THunder was one of those movies that you wondered why the studios didnt advertise much. When you see the trailer, i thought it looked really cool. But all you heard from normal critics is how bad this movie ws.
Well, as usual, they were wrong.  If you like Sci Fi, and plots that involve Time Travel..go see this movie! It was decent. I actually liked it.
Ed Burns and Ben Kingsley are in it, so you know it cant be all bad.  I will say though, they went cheap on a few of the computer graphics..specifically the futuristic City and streets of chicago..they look so obviously fake..its like the wanted them to be that bad.
But the rest of the movie is good action..cool monsters…etc.
Check it out

Exorcism of Emily Rose, almost as good as Exorcist

Very freaky movie..fairly scary but more in a suspenseful kind of way instead of a whole lot of direct horror stuff like Exorcist.
Interesting way to present the  movie., through the trial of the priest that conducted the exorcism.
The fact that this is a true story is also good..adds to the effect.
If you like scary movies, or believe in this stuff..go see it.

****THE Cave is good! go see it

Another shining example of why i hate critics. Sites like Rottentomatoes gave "The Cave" low ratiings.  They dont understand common people and what we like.
The cave is awesome.  Suspense..monsters…not really any lulls in action.  It really is good.  Just because there are no big names in it..its getting a bad rap.  Plus critics never give good monster/scifi/action movies good rating
Go see it..Cole Hauser is a great actor and totally underrated.
If you liked Pitch Black ..you’ll like this movie

****Transporter 2- decent but short

I had been waiting for Transporter 2 to come out. Jason Statham is a great actor..has lots of small roles in huge movies..but never gets a chance to show off lots of his action skills. Until Transporter came out. 
Transporter 2 looked good..and it was.  Great action..cool fight scenes..and cool driving.  But..it was really short.  Like less then a hour and a half…so you feel short changed..because the movie is so good and you don want it to end so early.
its a movie you should def see..but expect a short one.