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Lord of War- Go see it

Nicholas Cage always delivers. Lord of War was great! Definitely a must see. 
Dont go expecting it to be about war..it focuses more on his life and the gun trade..but the fact that its based on a true story also makes the movie hit home

Shaun of the Dead- an OK comedy

I gave in and finally saw Shaun of the Dead. Originally it just looked stupid to me…but once again..i was impressed.
Its a brittish film so humor is a bit different but still ok.  Good parody of Day of the Dead.
I suggest it as a Rental.

Flightplan not so bad

I saw flightplan while I was here in Taiwan.  At first i wasnt really interested in seeing it because the previews didnt really do it justice.  But it was OK.  A bit of a slow start, but decent from the middle onwards and good ending.
Also could be because im spending so much time on planes right now 🙂
I read that the Flight Attendants union is angry at the movie portraying stewardesses as mean. haha.
So my official suggestion is that..its a good rental, or decent matinee price movie to go see.

Skeleton Key- a rental

Saw Skeleton Key on the plane yesterday.  It wasnt bad..but wasnt great either.
So first, im glad i didnt pay full movie ticket price for it. Id suggest its a decen rental though.
Its not really scary in terms of like ghosts and stuf..more just suspense.
But I do have to tip my had to Kate Hudson. She’s really good in the movie besides looking great for someone that just had a baby.
Ok hopping on another plane…thats all for now.

Go See Lord of War and A History of Violence (tell me what you think)

Hey folks! Im traveling around the world right now for work. The only bad part about it is that the rest of the world is about 3-5 months behind the U.S in terms of movies playing. 
I’ll try and catch up on some more movies when i can. But I really wanted to see Lord of War and A History of Violence. 
If you go see them..let me know what you think.