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Archive for November, 2005

The Fog- not bad at all

The Fog was not at all as bad as the critics say.
Its  not scary..its more like "Scream" or "I know what you did last summer"…thriller/suspense.  Tom Welling is pretty good in it..but if you are a fellow Smallville fan, its hard not to look at him and expect some kind of Superpower to happen.
Definitely worth seeing now in a theater or renting

Hustle and Flow – GO SEE THIS

You have to go see this..or rent it.
Terrance Howard has always played supporting roles..its so good to see him take the lead. This movie was great…kind of like a stronger and more ghetto version of 8mile.
Its got really good Hip Hop/Rap..pumps you up when you see it…but also not too predicatable storyline.
Its going in my "must see" list

Must Love Dogs- John Cusack is always good

John Cusack is a great actor..only problem is that he’s too much like Johnny Depp..he only does a few movies..which are all really good..but we dont see enough of him.
Must love dogs was great..actually not too much of a chick flick at all!  Plus of course Diane Lane is in it ..and she’s alwasy good.  It actually was a funny movie and really good.
Definitely a rental or go see it if its in the theaters still

40 Year Old Virgin- surprisingly good~!

I actually was part of one of those panels that tests movie trailers on people.  When they showed me the one for 40 year old Virgin, I honestly didnt like it!  I told them it looked bad and there was tons wrong with the preview.
So it made me not go see it.  BUT..i saw it in Finland last week and it was GREAT!!
This movie was HILARIOUS!   Steve Carrel was good…even though he was cast around a bunch of no-name actors.
Definitely worth going to see..or renting ASAP

Doom – A rental

Doom was a movie I was lookin forward to..becuz i was a huge fan of the old computer game….plus i like the Rock.
But…though the action and overall movie was ok…the focus was off. The Rock wasnt the main character! the focus moved between him and this other guy (an actor from Lord of the Rings)
Plus at the end they really just underdevelop a key part of the story line (about a guy getting super strenght and speed).
So I wouldnt recommend anyone paying full movie theater price to go see it..might make an OK rental

A History of Violence- OK ..but could have been better

Im a huge Viggo Mortensen fan…and A history of Violence looked perfect.
It was only OK…and could have been a bit better.  There isnt enough action or scenes where you see the main character’s skills as a killer. I left feeling like i didnt get to see enough.
But the move is worth seeing…the fight scenes they do have are ok…just wish there was some more setup to the action or more of it.
Worth seeing at the theater for a matinee…or go for rental.

Nightwatch- pretty cool

While I was in Europe..i got to see Nightwatch…the Russian movie that is coming to the US soon. Hyped as breakthough and first in a trilogy.
Well …it was actually good. Kind of a mix between Matrix and Constantine…very interesting to see how Russian filmmaking is.
So as soon as this hits theaters..i definitely suggest you go see it. Good if you’re into superpowers and stuff like that.