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Archive for December, 2005

Syriana- Good political/Action

Syriana was really good. Lots of twists..and sub plots. If you like political but also CIA action type movies..go see it.
It paints an interesting picture of the Middle East and OIL and the U.S.  Definitely a must see
Ninis Samuel

King Kong- Good action with a little love

Go See King Kong! But dont drink any water beforehand..its over 3 hrs long!
But for those that were worried about a re-make of King Kong…this movie really puts it to bed. Of course Peter Jackson always delivers.
It was great action..some very cool King Kong kickin ass scenes..plus all the love story stuff. 
My Only issues were with some scenes that were just a bit too corny..and im not sure if Jackson wanted to do that on purpose or not…who knows.
But go..have fun..see it now

Ice Harvest- HILARIOUS!!

Wow, I saw Ice Harvest this weekend…and i have to say..it has one of the funniest scenes ive ever seen on film!!  You have to go see this.
At first i wasnt sure it woudl be good..hadnt heard a lot about it..wasnt very well advertised..not a lot of buzz. …but then i thought..hey its John Cusack and Billy Bob Thorton…its worth a shot.
It was good!  To be honest there are a few reallly really funny parts in the movie that made it all worth while. 
Just wait for the drunk scene

Chronicles of Narnia- Great if you’re like me and missing LOTR

The Chronicles of Narnia (Lion Witch and the Wardrobe) was actually very good.
I kind of like to think movies like this keep us happy since we arent getting any more Lord of the Rings movies.  It has good action/adventure with magic and such.
For those of you that remember either the book or the movie/tv series from years ago..it sticks to it.
You should definitely check it out while in theaters!

Walk the Line- Joaquin deserves an Oscar

Walk the Line was great!
Joaquin Phoenix was one of those actors that really grew on me over the years.  I liked him in Signs..hated him in Gladiator (but i think thats becuz he was so good at playing someone you should hate)…but wow he kicked but as Johnny Cash.
Remember, every time you see him singing, that is actually his voice.  He learned to sing the way Johnny Cash did (out of the side of his mouth), learned to deepen his voice, and to play guitar. 
Deja Vu anyone (Jamie Foxx in Ray)….I hope he wins an Oscar for this he deserves it
Go see it now

Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire- always good

These days with no more Lord of the Rings coming out…luckily we have cool Harry Potter movies.
The Goblet of fire was pretty good, just like any HP film…a bit more action in this one.
Kind of wierd to see how old the kids in the movie are getting.  That red headed kid is really getting ugly ! haha
The only thing I was a bit disappointed about was that I want Harry to hurry up and get tons of power and kick some ass…i hate that they just give him enough to get by.
either way def should see it, or rent it

Saw 2

I saw Saw 2, lol..it actually was ok. Wasnt as bad as some critics said. If you liked Saw 1 you’ll like 2.  You think you know whats going to happen..but of course there is always a big twist.
Its not really scary…more on the thriller/suspense and gore kind of side. 
Check it out