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Archive for January, 2006

Underworld Evolution- Finally here and great!

I was waiting for Underworld Evolution for so long..and I gotta say i loved it!
They turned up all the action..and brought back the key players.
Kate beckinsdale was good in it..and of course being married to the director doesnt hurt..the whole movie is all about her.  Even though the last one was all about Scott Speedman being a hybrid.
I dont want to ruin any of the movie..but the only part i didnt like is that they didnt stay consistent with everyone’s strength.
Lycans seemed stronger in the first movie..and Michael should have been much stronger in this movie.
But overall great movie..good action..sometimes a bit over the top on the gore/action but hey thats good.

Hostel- Like Saw but with more gore?

THose of you that really liked Saw, you might like Hostel.  But I warn you..its not just a bit more gore..its not as good a story.
Like so many movies these days..they capitalized on using Quentin Tarantino’s name in the trailers..though he was just a producer. 
I left the movie feeling like some of the gore was just for the sake of making the movie bloody..like some of it was random.  But it did have some good scenes..also some funny ones..and not a bad ending.
They are already making Hostel 2, so i guess they did something right.
If you see it..let me know what you think and if you got the same feeling i did about the slightly lack of good plot and a bit of random gore.
Im still looking into rumors about this being based on a true story, if so..thats really disturbing because im someone who travels around the world a lot.
Ninis Samuel