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Archive for April, 2006

Silent Hill should be silenced

I think i just had high hopes for Silent Hll.
I was really disappointed.
The graphics and horror stuff was really good. But the movie just plain sucked!
It wasnt as good as advertised..and really just had some odd things to the plot line and ending.
I’d say it may be an ok rental..but only if you really want to see it.
I DO NOT, recommend going to theaters and paying full price to see this movie!
– Ninis

Thank You for Not Smoking- Hilarious

I really liked Thank You for Not Smoking.  Its really funny..a bit like Supersize me…but not a documentary..an actual movie.
Aaron Eckhart is great in it.
I highly recommend for anyone wanting a good laugh.  Especially any of you that work at companies like Microsoft or in careers like PR/Marketing.

The Inside Man- Great move and soundtrack!

It is a great movie!  If you like theif type movies with big twists..this is a great one.
Denzel and Clive Owen are great.
And even better..the music they used was awesome. The opening song is an indian song with a remix..the whole theater was like bobbin their heads. 
Im a huge fan of movies that get their music right.
Big recommend go see it

Ice Age 2- Great graphics..pretty funny..worth seeing but not better than 1

Ice Age 2 was great…but not better than 1.
Funny..and really cool graphics of course.
But wasnt as funny or as great a story as 1.  But it is def worthwhile seeing in the theater.
Unless you like a ton of kids laughing..try not going until after another week or so..the theaters are packed with little kids watching this movie..talking..laughing at nothing..and crying.
So watch it..but go late at night or after 2 weeks to avoid the little kids!

V for Vendetta- wow cool, different, worth seeing now!

I have to say V for Vendetta was refreshing!  I wish it had a bit more action..but only because the action it had was just so awesome.
Not really your typical hero story…and kinda cool subject/plot
I definitely recommend you go to theatre to see this one!

Just Friends- CRAP stay away

Its funny what you’ll watch when you’re stuck on a 12 hr plane ride and cant sleep. Even then..i warn you against Just Friends.
Its not funny at all….stupid plot line…and just made me want to turn it off. But i was so bored and couldnt sleep so watched it.
Stay away. Even though I really like Ryan Reynolds..he needs to stay away from this crap.

Prime- Very good, nice and funny

Good to see Uma Thurman in more movies these days.
Prime was a great movie..about a younger guy and older woman ..and his crazy family against it.
It was funny and sad…i really liked it.
I think everyone should go rent this.. But you’ll notice its always rented out.  It was a quiet release..but such a good shortchanged movie.
Go see it.

The Weatherman- Nicholas Cage fans..will like it

Although i like nick cage in action movies, he was good in this.
It was a quiet release a few months ago..but I finally got a chance to see it on a flight to Europe.
It was good. I couldnt put my finger on it..but reminded me of a few other movies…broken flowers + american beauty + Bad Santa  lol.
But I liked it in an odd way..i think you should rent it.

Jarhead- odd but good

Jarhead was wierd.
It was cool becuz it starts off a bit like full metal jacket..seeing the whole pre-war bootcamp life type of thing.
Then the rest of the movie almost teases you that you’re going to see any action/war scenes. But the movie isnt about that..its more about the intraspective thoughts of one soldier.
Still good..entertaining…good rental.