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Archive for April, 2006

The Weatherman- Nicholas Cage fans..will like it

Although i like nick cage in action movies, he was good in this.
It was a quiet release a few months ago..but I finally got a chance to see it on a flight to Europe.
It was good. I couldnt put my finger on it..but reminded me of a few other movies…broken flowers + american beauty + Bad Santa  lol.
But I liked it in an odd way..i think you should rent it.

Jarhead- odd but good

Jarhead was wierd.
It was cool becuz it starts off a bit like full metal jacket..seeing the whole pre-war bootcamp life type of thing.
Then the rest of the movie almost teases you that you’re going to see any action/war scenes. But the movie isnt about that..its more about the intraspective thoughts of one soldier.
Still good..entertaining…good rental.