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Archive for May, 2006

An American Haunting–not very scary but not so bad storyline

I wish we’d start seeing decent scary movies again. Its a lot of the same old story lines..and its just hard to find a really good scary movie anymore.
An American Haunting wasnt so bad..decent storyline, which is most interesting because its based on true story.  The only problem is that it really wasnt all that scary. There are definitely some scary moments..and some startles..but thats all.
I dont recommend going to see it in theaters..but a possible rental
Im hoping that movie Pulse is actually scary..its coming soon

Mission Impossible 3: Good action..wierd ending…and crazy Tom

Ever since Tom Cruise went psycho..i havent been a fan.  But I did see MI:3 this weekend.
One of the big reasons i did was to see all the previews! Wow ..not only a new Superman Returns trailer that was awesome, but an X-Men 3 and Pirates of the Caribbean 2 trailer.
this movie is almost worth watching just to see the trailers!
Overall the movie was pretty decent action. Good fight scenes and suspense. 
If ur a fan of Mission Impossible movies..you’ll like it.
Only because of the trailers and that fact that you cant see those when you rent, I do recommend going to see this movie..if ur in the mood for some action.
Watch out..the ending is just wierd.

United 93- Very sad, but well done

I saw United 93 this weekend.  It was a very sad, tough movie to watch. To call it "good" just feels wrong, but if a movie about such a sad thing can be "Good" in any way..it was.
It was well done.  Lots of the theater were crying. I dont think it in any way disrespects the victims. ANd for most of us..its the closest thing to actual information around what happened…since so much of it is still classified and not public.
I do not recommend this for the faint of heart..or those that struggle with 9/11 . 
But it was a "good" movie