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Fast and Furious- Tokyo Drift- Surprisingly good

Ok I am a fan of the Fast and the Furious movies.  I love racing movies..and loved the orig cuz of Vin Diesel.  The second, 2 Fast 2 Furious was good because of the new cars etc..and its soundtrack  BUT i had only bland expectations for Tokyo Drift.
Like some, my first reaction was, "this is crap..its not even a true #3, where are all the normal actors?!"  But i have to say..it was a good movie!  Good action and racing scenes.  Plus Im a huge fan of Japan..tokyo is one of my favorite cities..and this movie shows an actual true underground movement in Tokyo.
There is also a really really good ending to this movie. One that really made me give a lot more respect to it.
Go see it..full price

Nacho Libre- Funny–go see it

OK if you’re a fan of Jack Black definitely go see this Movie!
Even though im a fan..im not one of those people that just laughs at anything he does..he has had some really bad movies too.
But Nacho Libre had some very funny parts to it.  Overall its ok..but there is enough really good funny stuff in it to warrant seeing it.
2 Brown thumbs  up…go see it, full price

Cars- Very good! funny..great graphics..go see it

Cars was great! Great graphics..plus actually pretty funny.
I really liked the whole automobile world and they way they really integrated it into the move.  Interesting part about this movie is that it was supposed to be out over a year ago..and they took the whole movie back to the drawing board when the first version was made…cuz no one thought it was funny/good
They did the right thing
Worth seeing in the theaters

The Breakup- Good but dont think its all comedy!

I had to see The Breakup..because i love Vince Vaugh.
But let me warn you..if you have recently broken up with your girlfriend/boyfriend, dont go see this !
THis movie actually isnt all comedy..the way its billed. There are lots of parts that actually are sad/serious.  So it was a very odd experience..having to decide if what you are hearing is meant to be funny or sad.
I think its def worth seeing in the theater..but just set expectations its not all fun and laughs

The Omen- not that scary ..rental only

Ok so i saw The Omen remake.  Wasnt all that.  Wasnt very scary…if you were a fan of the original Omen..its good to go see..but I only suggest this as a Rental (and not a full price one)
I wish we’d see some real scary movies these days!
That kid is really creepy that plays the son.

X-Men 3 The Last Stand- eh it was ok..but i guess thats what we get for wanting Singer on Superman

I can’t be all mad that X-Men 3 wasnt so good.  Brian Singer..one of the best directors for comic book movies was off doing Superman Returns.
So if i had to choose between having him on Xmen 3 or having him go do a great Superman..id rather he do the new Superman. Which already looks awesome.
So, Xmen 3 was definitely worth seeing, but not as good as 1 and 2.  Brett Ratner did an OK job..but you can tell he never really was into comics as a kid or the Xmen.
I dont like how some of the battle scenes didnt fight some of the main guys against each other..like Collossus and Juggernaut..why wouldnt he have them fight?!
So anyways..its good to see to round out the series..worth seeing definitely in the theaters now.
Watch for spinoffs coming soon for Wolverine and Storm

Over the Hedge- just so so

Ok here’s my take on Over the Hedge,
it was really good graphically..and an OK movie. not that funny to me..not like shrek etc.
If you want to go see it for the visuals..and for an ok entertainment go..but i dont recommend paying full price.
It would be a good Rental for sure.
So I liked it but just didnt love it

Poseidon- great action

Poseidon was really good!  I liked the old one from the 70’s but this remake was great.  Good action throughout and keeps you interested.
Josh lucas was really good in it. I like him..he’s a good actor just not A list yet
Go see in theater or definite rental