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X-Men 3 The Last Stand- eh it was ok..but i guess thats what we get for wanting Singer on Superman

I can’t be all mad that X-Men 3 wasnt so good.  Brian Singer..one of the best directors for comic book movies was off doing Superman Returns.
So if i had to choose between having him on Xmen 3 or having him go do a great Superman..id rather he do the new Superman. Which already looks awesome.
So, Xmen 3 was definitely worth seeing, but not as good as 1 and 2.  Brett Ratner did an OK job..but you can tell he never really was into comics as a kid or the Xmen.
I dont like how some of the battle scenes didnt fight some of the main guys against each other..like Collossus and Juggernaut..why wouldnt he have them fight?!
So anyways..its good to see to round out the series..worth seeing definitely in the theaters now.
Watch for spinoffs coming soon for Wolverine and Storm

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