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Superman Returns– Great special effects–but needs more action less drama

So it finally came-Superman Returns.
A movie i had been waiting for for years..and by a director that I expected lots from (brian singer) after he did so well on Xmen and X2.
So overall Superman was only ok.  Im sad to say.  Its definitely worth seeing in the theater ASAP..but was just slightly too long..or really needed more action.
Kevin Spacey did really great job as Lex Luthor.
And Brandon Routh made a decent superman..no Chris Reeve but he did a great job.
The movie also gets MAJOR points for getting his powers right. He was super fast..super strong..very well done. Something that movies and cartoons seem to sometimes get wrong.
I wasnt a fan of Kate bosworth as Lois..not too believable..and she doesnt pull off a brunette very well.
Overall a good movie…I hope Superman 2 is way more action and less cheese.
Go see it…keep expectations low and you’ll like it.
Plus the Score is amazing..a mix of the orignial John Williams soundtrack and new ones..its great

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