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Archive for August, 2006

PULSE- interesting but kind of predictable – rental

I saw PULSE a few weeks ago.
Its funny..the previews for this movie were out months ago and looked soo good!. Then it disappeared..and when it came back ..the previews were different..different music..different cut..and to be honest didnt look as good.
I dont know if they went and recut the movie..but the movie that ended up..wasnt as good as I hoped.
1. It was VERY predictable. Almost all the scary parts werent very scary and you knew it was coming
2. There were a few jumpy parts..but thats it
3. Not a whole lot of closure or explanations..which sometimes like to get.
It was still a cool concept/storyline..but they could have done so much more.
I only suggest this as a rental—maybe with a coupon.
I gotta say..Wes Craven seems to have lost whatever touch he used to have. 

Talladega Nights- Will Ferrel is always a good bet

Talladega nights was funny…a few scenes were laugh out loud (and i dont laugh out loud too much)
Being a marketing guy though..i found it hilarious how much sponsorship was in the movie…I mean Nascar is already super sponsored..but the entire movie was all product placement
I bet the studio barely had to pay anything for the movie since there were so many huge sponsors
Anyways..if ur a Will Ferrel fan..its a great movie. Its funny and worth seein now

Little Miss Sunshine- A must see–hilarious..

I went and saw Little Miss Sunshine..the indie that did great at Sundance..and has Steve Carrell and Greg Kinear.
I have to say..it was hilarious! a must see.  Reminded me a bit of royal tenenbaums…but just good disfunctional family comedy.. a bit dark but not too much
Go see it!

Miami Vice- Not bad boys..sadly

I was hoping Miami Vice would be really good.
Im a big fan of Jamie Foxx..(and not a fan of Collin Farell).
But Miami Vice honestly was not that good. Too slow, too much romance and not enough action. 
The fighting and action scenes were very cool..but werent enough of them
I recommend as a rental but not a full price theater ticket