I'm not a Critic, just a brown guy that loves movies!

PULSE- interesting but kind of predictable – rental

I saw PULSE a few weeks ago.
Its funny..the previews for this movie were out months ago and looked soo good!. Then it disappeared..and when it came back ..the previews were different..different music..different cut..and to be honest didnt look as good.
I dont know if they went and recut the movie..but the movie that ended up..wasnt as good as I hoped.
1. It was VERY predictable. Almost all the scary parts werent very scary and you knew it was coming
2. There were a few jumpy parts..but thats it
3. Not a whole lot of closure or explanations..which sometimes like to get.
It was still a cool concept/storyline..but they could have done so much more.
I only suggest this as a rental—maybe with a coupon.
I gotta say..Wes Craven seems to have lost whatever touch he used to have. 

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