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Archive for September, 2006

Fearless- Jet Li Rocks this movie!

Wow Fearless was awesome!  Ive seen lots of martial arts movies..practically grew watching nothing but.  And ive seen lots of movies where the premise is a contest of fighters.  But this one was different. Not only is it based on a true story..which i find amazing, but it really has a good heart..its not just another fighting movie.
Go See It!  Good action, good story…well put together and not many boring moments.

The Covenant- pretty decent..hoping #2 is better

Sorry for the long delay on movie posts..i was traveling around the world for the past 45 days. Now catching up.
I saw The Covenant yesterday. It was one that i didnt anticipate because i hadnt heard of it unil just a month ago..but seeing as it was from the same people that did Underworld..thought it was worth seeing. Plus i love super power/sci fi stuff.
It was actually not so bad.  I liked it..even though to me there wasnt enough fighting/super power stuff in it..it was a decent movie.  I hope they make a number 2 and do better.
I would say for most..this would be a good matinee or rental….see it..but dont rush out.