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The Prestige- Christopher Nolan is now one of my favorite directors

If you liked Memento, Batman Begins..then you are familiar wtih Christopher Nolan’s work.  He’s fairly new on the scene but a unique director…doesnt fully give in to the studio demands and hype for flashy movies…but also doesnt ignore key elements.
The Prestige looked good from the beginning not only because its from Nolan..but because it has 2 of my favorite actors in it..Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman.  Of course Michael Caine and Scarlet Johansen dont hurt either.
It was a  GREAT movie.  I think you should go see it now..in the theaters.  Its got such a great plot..and so many cool twists with the two dueling magicians it really keeps you guessing and trying to figure it out. 

The Guardian-Dont worry..ashton kutcher doesnt screw this up

The Guardian was a great movie…at first i was worried becuz i cant stand Ashton Kutcher in any serious films.  But oddly enough they did a great job of making you forget about Punkd..and i guess kutcher does well in terms of acting in this one.
But Kevin Kostner is great in it…great action scenese..and really good story.
I dont know if its a true story or not..but I liked it

The Departed- Here comes an Oscar

Scorcese not only brings the dream team of casts…but the movie is awesome. Gritty..great action..great twists/story.
And of course Jack…this is nicholson at his best.

Invincible- almost better then Rudy! Go see it

This move was great!
One of my friends describes it as "like Rocky with football" and its true! its a great pump up movie.  If you like football or underdog movies..you’ll like this..plus its an actual true story.   I left wanting to go work out.
Its funny..good story..and just enough football action.
Go see it now!
Im sure all you Eagles fans have seen it..if not..you’ll love it