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Archive for November, 2006

Deja Vu- Pretty good..slightly hard to follow..but Denzel is good as usual

I wasnt too sure if i’d like Deja Vu.  I know, its hard to imagine any movie by Denzel Washington as not good..but..if you saw that movie Out of Time..you’d be wary about his movies too!
But he came through!  He had a great performance as always.
As far as the movie..the preview was just not rousing…which to me is usually a sign of something off. But the movie was actually pretty good!  It involves time travel..which sometimes makes it hard to follow..but also makes it nice and hard to guess whats gonna happen.
Decent action and suspense in it.  Wierd thing though, the girl in the movie could be a halle berry look a like.  Its funny..they must not have been able to afford her or something..and so used someone that looks just like her!
I recommend this movie for sure as a Rental, and good for a matinee. Its not a "run out and see it now" but if you go see it i dont think you’ll be disappointed

Casino Royale- Daniel Craig is the right Bond

I have always been a fant of Daniel Craig..really when i saw him in Layer cake.  With all the controversy from people that said he wasnt right to play James Bond…this new film had lots of buzz.
I have to say it was AWESOME. It was a bit grittier..bloodier..more raw…and lots of great action sequences.  The opening scene is amazing…whoever the guy is that he is chasing is like a gymnast!
The only issue i had with this move was a random long "love" type story piece added towards the end. Its just a bit too long to make the point they wanted.
ahh well.
this is a definite must see!