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The Not so Good Shepard

This movie directed by Robert DeNiro had too much hype i guess.  You shouldnt bill a movie as a spy/CIA movie unless its going to have lots of cool action or suspense ..you know..spy stuff.
But this movie took a more humanistic approach focusing on the effect it had on the main characters family etc.
In all honesty its way too long..2:40 mins..and it only picks up in the last 35 mins!
I was really looking forward to this movie..and was let down.  I almost fell asleep at some points.
Dont waste ur time in the theaters and rent it or wait for it to go on TNT one day
Go rent Spy Game if you want a real good CIA action movie.

Rocky Balboa- a great way to finish the series

Wow, Rocky Balboa was good.  For any of you that grew up like i did with all the Rocky movies…this just wakes all that back up in you. Even from using the same music that we all know…to the fact that Stallone is 60 yrs old and still ripped.
This movie is truly some of his best work..it actually had a great plot and reall storyline with some great acting.  In the Rocky series, Rocky 1, 2, and 4 were the best.  Rocky 5 was a horrible way to end the series..so im very glad he did this last movie.  It was  a great way for he and his character to say goodbye.
I really hope it does well this weekend. Dont listen to the critics or the hype..go see this movie!

Pursuit of Happiness- moving true story–go see it!

Everyone has been looking forward to this moving coming out.
1. Its will smith..he’s always good in anything he does, and this time joined by his actual son in the movie!
2. Its a true story! I love movies based on true stories..especially ones that are centered around business and moving your way up"
This was really great, touching story.  Good feel good movie for those of you that need a pick me up …but remember its also very sad.
Cool random fact…Will Smith actually did learn to finish the Rubix cube so fast!  The world champ of the Rubix cube, taught him how.  Funny thing is if any of you have seen Beauty and the Geek, last season there was this asian kid on it…one of the geeks…and he is the world champ. He took the rubix cube and finished it behind his back in a few mins.  He’s the one that taught Will how to do it for the movie.  Pretty cool
I wanna go buy one now

Blood Diamond- moving..you should see it

Wow, this movie was powerful.
It really made me miss Africa, i was lucky enough to have gone last year.
Sometimes we all forget how crazy the world is..and how much struggle goes on in Africa. Its sad that movies like Hotel Rwanda and Blood Diamond are the only way some people get the message.
I think everyone should see this movie.  Its a great (based on true issues) story…good action.  I think Leo may get nominated for this (and probably the Departed)..he was great in this! Gritty..dark..just awesome performance.
I really like Djimon Honsou also..ever since gladiator..he needs to do more movies..and this will help him go even more mainstream.
Go see this movie its really awesome and will make you think about some important issues

Apocalypto- wow ..great movie

Like most of you, i really had no idea of exactly what to expect with apocalypto. With the wierd preview that really didnt tell you much, and the fact that the whole movie is in ancient aztec or mayan.  But..it really was great.
Great action..great suspense and story.  There was only one scene that i thought was a bit corny…the scene with the birth of the baby (you’ll know what i mean when you see it)
But besides that i thought it was a great movie.   It is a little graphic/bloody..so if you’re not up on that…may want to skip it.
Im also glad that Mel Gibson’s movies can still make money..and the public still likes a movie for a movie..not what a director does when he’s drunk !
Check it out and tell me what you think

Don’t drink from The Fountain!

Im SO disappointed to have to write this about a Hugh Jackman movie.  I’m a huge fan of his..but even that couldnt save The Fountain.
It is hands down one of the worst movies i’ve seen. Its officially going on the "do not see" list.  I fell asleep for a few minutes of it..because the storyline just made no sense and was too hard to follow.  It kept going from past to present to future and all this crazy symbolic tie ins and wierd settings…it just made me mad.
If this is meant to be one of those artsy higher thinking movies..well count me out then…doesnt belong in the mainstream theaters. Pisses me off that some people probably take this movie is just great and so futuristic and having wonderful imagery…blah blah blah..no one likes to admit when a storyline makes no sense and is hard to follow.
The only reason i didnt walk out was the soundtrack. There was a really good score to the movie..that I really liked.
anyways..you’ve been warned