I'm not a Critic, just a brown guy that loves movies!

Pursuit of Happiness- moving true story–go see it!

Everyone has been looking forward to this moving coming out.
1. Its will smith..he’s always good in anything he does, and this time joined by his actual son in the movie!
2. Its a true story! I love movies based on true stories..especially ones that are centered around business and moving your way up"
This was really great, touching story.  Good feel good movie for those of you that need a pick me up …but remember its also very sad.
Cool random fact…Will Smith actually did learn to finish the Rubix cube so fast!  The world champ of the Rubix cube, taught him how.  Funny thing is if any of you have seen Beauty and the Geek, last season there was this asian kid on it…one of the geeks…and he is the world champ. He took the rubix cube and finished it behind his back in a few mins.  He’s the one that taught Will how to do it for the movie.  Pretty cool
I wanna go buy one now

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