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Pan’s Labyrinth- Hellraiser meets Alice in Wonderland..wierd but kinda cool

Wow i dont even know how to describe this movie..but in a wierd way i liked it and thought it was actually pretty cool.
Its dark, a bit gory, a bit scary, and not really what you expect when you watch the trailer or read the little descrip.
Its by Guillermo del Toro..who is just a rockstar at movies like blade, hellboy etc
About a girl and a fairy tale world set during the reality of a war in spain.
Its actually one i do recommend you go see.
the film is completely in spanish with subtitles..and very good
let me know what you think…and i bet you’d agree with my Hellraiser comment

Children of Men- interesting and fairly good

Children of Men was an interesting movie…a bit odd..but good action, sad and suspenseful.
Im a fan of Clive Owen…but also Michael Cain is in it..and he’s great as always.
If ur a fan of futuristic and apocalyptic movies you’ll like this. It doest try to over due the sci fi stuff and thus it isnt unbelievable.
Check it out..i was pleasantly surprised

Night at the Museum- good fun

For those of you that need a little pick me up this holiday season…or fans of ben stiller..owen wilson or robbin williams…go check out Night at the Museum.
Yeah its a bit more meant for kids…but its actually pretty good.  A good few laughs..and a fun movie to watch.
Its been kickin but at the box office and since i had seen everything else i figured it was time to see it.
Anyways it was good..some fun parts..decent storyline….and heck.. Micky Rooney is in it! I didnt even know he was still alive!
Let me know what you think