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Archive for February, 2007

Ghost Rider- cool..makes good fun of itself…worth seeing

As you know im a huge fan of any comic book movies…..add that to the fact that Im a big fan of Nick Cage…you can imagine i was waiting for Ghost Rider to come out.
It was really good!  The best part about the movie was that they tried to keep good action ..but also poke a little fun at itself….but not being campy.
So there was lots of CGI but cool action sequences (i wish there was more)..and some funny parts.
Definitely entertaining and worth seeing.  Im hoping they do a few more

Smokin Aces- really good…as always with Jeremy Piven

Just got back from a month of travel, sorry im so behind on writing these.
But first movie i saw when i was back was Smokin Aces !  It was awesome..funny..and good action..a bit bloody.  It had Jeremy Piven, which was a major reason i wanted to see it..but i gotta say the cast was really good
Ryan Reynolds, alicia keys, Ray Liotta, Andy Garcia, Ben Affleck etc ..really funny cast of big names playin some quirky roles.
Its a bit dark because of all the death and mayhem..but was really a good movie..go see it now