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I think I Love my Wife- Funny–but not for kids

The new Chris Rock movie "I think I love my wife" was pretty funny.  Saw it this weekend with some friends.  It was a good movie..and i liked it because we havent had a Chris Rock movie in a while.
Its funny but beware..its definitely not for kids.  You would would think i wouldnt have to say that..but in the theater after the first joke about sex..im lookin around and some idiots actually brought their kids to this rated R movie. 
Ah well..there are definitely some really good funny parts in the movie..and lots that you dont see in the preview (a very good thing).  Plus its actually got a very good storyline.
BTW Steve Bucemi is in it! he’s been kinda off the radar for a while (had a brief stint on Sopranos a few yrs ago)..but he’s really pretty hilarious in it!

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