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Blades of Glory- laugh out loud

To be honest..im simply not a fan of John Heder…to me it seems like every single role he plays is basically just napolean dynamite in every movie.  BUT…i still really liked this movie.  I love Will Ferrel.
It was hilarious…i laughed out loud tons…which is not something i do often in comedies.
Its def worth seeing

Grindhouse- cool concept, and fun to watch more Tarantino- 2 Brown thumbs up!

2 Brown thumbs way up!
If you are a fan of Quentin Tarantino’s movies, and whacky style of movies.. or Robert Rodriguez..you will LOVE Grindhouse…for soo many reasons.
First the entire concept is cool. Its the whole 70s style double feature film…complete with fake movie trailers before each movie.  One movie is from Rodriguez, and the other from Tarantino..though he’s in both himself.
Second= there are tons! of actors in this movie! ..from Bruce Willis, to Fergie, even a cameo from Nicholas cage!
Both movies are fun too. One is about zombie type people, and the other about a killer with a car. Neither are to be taken too seriously..but you actually really get into them.  BTW…Zoe Bell in the second movie is not only a real stunt woman in real life, she did the car chase scene for real, and she was Uma’s stunt dboule in Kill Bill! Tarantino likes her so much he just wrote her  a huge piece of the movie.
Both are graphic in terms of the blood an guts etc…so its def not for any kids to watch.
Another great thing…the first half of the second movie is shot in Austin!
Go see it..def worth it.  But remember to buy food and not too much to drink…its 3hrs long!

Reign Over Me- wow Adam Sandler can do drama!

Reign Over Me looked good because it had Don Cheadle..and Adam sandler playing a serious role!  Well it doesnt disappoint. Its a GREAT movie. Sad..deep, and very good.
Don cheadle of course has a great performance..but the best thing about this movie is seeing Adam Sandler take a serious, deep, and sad role.  He really does a great job. The hair helped..but u do forget that he is a big comedian.
Its a sad movie…but i recommend it highly for anyone to see now.

Pride- ok movie..makes you want to Swim- will be good rental

Pride was the first swimming movie we’ve had in a long time.  It was a good story…the typical coming outta the ghetto type plotline but was unique because it is a true story and of course has Terrance Howard who is an awesome actor.
I liked it..and at least recommend it as a rental.
Bernie Mac has a role in it…and im not sure if I liked him or not. Everytime i see him i picture a comedian, and there were parts of his role in which he was to be seen as truly serious…and i cant help but see him as a funny guy.