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Pirates 3- makes me not look forward to 4

Pirates of the Caribbean had lots of hype, and should have been a great movie.
But i was let down.  First, there were way too many added plotlines and things going on in this movie.  Including a random storyline about Callypso that just randomly ends…there is no closure whatsover to it. 
Not only that..rather than do this current film justice..they went ahead and set up a nother possibility for number 4.  Its getting to be a bit much..they need to kill the franchise and stop this.
I know that like me most of you will want to go see it..and you should of course..but go in with LOW expectations..and you may enjoy yourself.
Dont get me wrong i was entertained but in the end let down

Shrek 3- so so

Anyone that is a fan of the Shrek movies will of course want to go see Shrek 3.
But as my friend Tae likes to say "keep your expectations low, so it will seem better"
Thats exactly right. Go in hearing reviews that its not good etc…and you will come out thinking it was actualy OK.
Go in expecting the funniest movie you’ve seen all year, and walk away disappointed.
It was worth seeing, but lacked good jokes…and it could have made up for that with a cool battle sequence..a bit like it alludes to in the trailer..but even that is so short it almost can be missed if you look down to eat popcorn.
I bet its drop next weekend will be huge.
Go see it as a matinee, save a couple bucks and feel better after

28 Weeks Later- great sequel…more action..keeps you watching

28 Weeks Later was a great sequel. Any fan of 28 Days later should go out and see it.
Its got more action, and a decent story line.  It is bloody like the first one..maybe a bit more actually.
The one thing i really like about this movie is how so much of London was used. It amazes me how they got some of these shots of the place so empty…its one of my fav places and cool seeing it without any living people.
The last movie didnt show as many true working shots with London…but you’ll love this one becuz of it.

Disturbia- overall OK movie…but dont go run to see it

I firmly believe Distrubia only got the hype of being a number 1 movie because nothing substantial came out alongwith it.
Dont get me wrong..its an OK movie.  I say OK because it wasnt bad..but it wasnt absolutley spectacular.  I liked it..but didnt love it.  The scares werent huge..the action and suspense was average.  But it was an interesting movie.
I think its worth a rental..nothing more.
Also Shia LaBeouf is an ok actor..but he’s nothing special. Steven Spielberg basically loves him..and has now dubbed him the "it" kid. Putting him in disturbia, ..tranformers..Indian Jones.  Annoys me a bit but hey he got the ear of Spielberg..might as well reap the benefits.

Spiderman 3- Better than the first 2, but still some issues

I saw Spiderman 3 becuz i simply had to.  In general i think the spiderman movies have been too corny…some of the random scenes..bad acting..etc…is a bit too much. And yes..i know the actual comic book itself was kinda campy and corny..but its been a bit much.
Spidey 3 though..wasnt as corny..and had some really good action scenes.  The only real issue i think is that Venom didnt get enough screen time at all…and the major fight scene at the end didnt last long enough.
I had my issues with Topher Grace as venom..though he’s a great actor…Venom in the comics is huge muscle bound…so they had to CGI the venom body in the movie.  It was a great set of action scenes but was just simply too short.
Def fun to watch and recommend people seeing it..but goin in with lower expectations and come out happy

Last King of Scotland- i see why Forrest won an Oscar

While I was in turkey, i got to see The Last King of Scotland finally.
Wow..really great movie.  Im a huge fan of movies about Africa…i think they are a great way for people to get at least some kind of idea (even though sometimes fictionalized) into the crazy things that are happening there. 
This movie was very well done..and Forrest’s performance is phenomenal.  These were based on true events…and you can see him truly become the madman of a dictator.
Rent it and let me know what you think

Next- critics wrong again, cool movie, with bad lines

My friends and I liked NEXT.
Im a big nick cage fan as ive said before..plus Jessica Biel is in it.  But the critics hated Next.  I can see why…besides being out of touch with what normal people like about movies..they probably picked up on some of the bad script….there is simply some really bad dialogue int he movie..most of it coming from Julianne Moore’s character.
But the movie was really good. Cool concept..entertaining.
If you’re trying to avoid the spiderman 3 lines…go see Next for now instead..you wont be disappointed.