I'm not a Critic, just a brown guy that loves movies!

Disturbia- overall OK movie…but dont go run to see it

I firmly believe Distrubia only got the hype of being a number 1 movie because nothing substantial came out alongwith it.
Dont get me wrong..its an OK movie.  I say OK because it wasnt bad..but it wasnt absolutley spectacular.  I liked it..but didnt love it.  The scares werent huge..the action and suspense was average.  But it was an interesting movie.
I think its worth a rental..nothing more.
Also Shia LaBeouf is an ok actor..but he’s nothing special. Steven Spielberg basically loves him..and has now dubbed him the "it" kid. Putting him in disturbia, ..tranformers..Indian Jones.  Annoys me a bit but hey he got the ear of Spielberg..might as well reap the benefits.

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