I'm not a Critic, just a brown guy that loves movies!

Shrek 3- so so

Anyone that is a fan of the Shrek movies will of course want to go see Shrek 3.
But as my friend Tae likes to say "keep your expectations low, so it will seem better"
Thats exactly right. Go in hearing reviews that its not good etc…and you will come out thinking it was actualy OK.
Go in expecting the funniest movie you’ve seen all year, and walk away disappointed.
It was worth seeing, but lacked good jokes…and it could have made up for that with a cool battle sequence..a bit like it alludes to in the trailer..but even that is so short it almost can be missed if you look down to eat popcorn.
I bet its drop next weekend will be huge.
Go see it as a matinee, save a couple bucks and feel better after

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