I'm not a Critic, just a brown guy that loves movies!

Pirates 3- makes me not look forward to 4

Pirates of the Caribbean had lots of hype, and should have been a great movie.
But i was let down.  First, there were way too many added plotlines and things going on in this movie.  Including a random storyline about Callypso that just randomly ends…there is no closure whatsover to it. 
Not only that..rather than do this current film justice..they went ahead and set up a nother possibility for number 4.  Its getting to be a bit much..they need to kill the franchise and stop this.
I know that like me most of you will want to go see it..and you should of course..but go in with LOW expectations..and you may enjoy yourself.
Dont get me wrong i was entertained but in the end let down

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