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Archive for June, 2007

Mr. Brooks: One of the best movies this year!

I dont give this kind of title to just any movie..but WOW i was blown away at how good Mr. brooks was.
Kevin Kostner and William Hurt are just amazing to watch on screen.
Kostner plays a great bad guy..he should do it more often..but the fact that he doesnt may have helped his acting shine through on this one.  Go see this right now!  I originally had low expectations but wanted to see what it would be like to see Kostner as a murderer. But wow ..this movie is probably one of the best i’ve seen this year.
Just seeing Hurt and Kostner in synch is really unique.
Go check it out today

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer- Wow way better than FF1

Not too many sequels can pull of being better than the original movie…but Rise of the Silver Surfer definitley got it right.
It was a great movie..the effects looked better this time around, the plot and action were improved…and a little less cheese involved.
In my eyes this saves the FF franchise as number 1 really wasnt very good in my eyes.
I definitely recommend you go see this..and those of you that hated FF1..give it another chance..you shouldnt be disappointed

Hostel 2- slightly bloodier, worth renting

Hostel 2 was a decent sequel.   If you liked Hostel, you will like Hostel 2…it doesnt disappoint..but it really doesnt impress either.
Its a bit bloodier (if thats possible) than Hostel..but does a good job of continuing the story. At this point thought I hope they stop making em..its getting a bit old.
I warn anyone going to see this..its really bloody..and Guys..there is a scene that makes all of us squirm to watch.
Rent it..dont waste full ticket price for it