I'm not a Critic, just a brown guy that loves movies!

The Simpsons Movie- pains me to say, its about 5 years late to be funny

Im sad having to write this review…to have to say that the Simpsons Movie was really no good.
Sad becuz im a huge fan..its just that the movie is about 5 years too late.  If it had come out years ago when the simpsons was still the funniest cartoon out there..it would have been better.
But the jokes and laugs were contrived..and not that many.  I basically fell asleep.
With shows like Family Guy and others the past few years becoming the more edgy type of cartoon comedy..the simpsons movie should have been funnier.
If you are a simpsons fan…go see it anyways..or rent it.
But go with low expectations
D’ Oh! 

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