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Archive for October, 2007

We Own The Night- Very good

I liked We Own The Night,  it had great actors..mark wahlberg and joaqin phoenix… great story line re cops vs mobs..and the family conflict….I definitely recommend seeing it now.

The Brave One- Jodi Foster’s best movie! and really good

I was very impressed and happy with The Brave One.  It was definitely the best movie ive ever seen Jodi Foster in.  It was super engaging…really kept your attention…and was such a strong story.
PLUS Terrance Howard is in it..which i didnt know going in…and he’s of course amazing in it.
Go see this now, and believe the hype..its great. Plus my brown brother from Lost..Naveen Andrews is in it..

Heartbreak kid===dont waste your time

Its too bad, ben stiller is hit or miss these days.
The heartbreak kid was just bad.  It tried too hard….was randomly too graphic sometimes when it didnt make things funnier etc.
go watch the Kingdom or something else instead

The Kingdom- moving and action packed

The Kingdom was really good. Its been a while that ive seen such a good mix of real action and drama.
The movie starts with a really cool timeline/history lesson on Saudi Arabia, Oil, and our relationship with it.
Jamie Foxx is great in it…and on top of that Jason bateman is hilarious in it. Its almost like his character in Arrested Development..its great to see him on top again.
Go see this movie now