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I AM LEGEND- Awesome action, acting, story

Ok I have been waiting for I Am Legend for some time….and it really, really delivered.  DO NOT listen to any of the critics ..something i always say….but especially for this movie they are so wrong.
Will Smith is always great..but WOW this performance was amazing..being completely alone and having only a dog to be with.
The move was awesome..great story..special affects..some sad parts that are really tough…and a good ending no matter what people say.
I also LOVED the dog in the movie..reminded me of my german shepard Samson.
GO see this at least once now…PLUS as a bonus..the new Dark Knight Trailer plays before it.  AND if you look closely in the movie you will see a little plug for the Batman vs Superman Movie coming in a few years.

The Mist- trippy, fun, and crazy—I liked it- what an ending

I really enjoyed The Mist.  Stephen King BTW, is a really messed up guy..how does he get these ideas for stories in his head?
Anyways..im a big fan of Tom Jane..from Punisher and Deep Blue Sea.  He’s great in this movie.
Its got cool special effects..but somewhat subtle use of it overall ..which really makes you get into crazy scenario these people are in.
The good thing about this movie is that in terms of how the people act or end up acting…its sadly true. ..People in bad situations freak out and turn on each other so fast its sad.
Go See it..an let me know what you think…the ENDING IS SO AWESOME and really makes you leave the theater talking

The Hitman- fun shoot em up..Tim Olyphant fans go watch !

I’ve been a big fan of Tim Olyphant for some time. He always seems to take a bad guy role or have a quirky side role in lots of movies.  Ever since Deadwood, where he was the badass sheriff, he’s been in Die Hard 4 and now Hitman.
It was a fun movie…dont go in with an expectation of anythimg more than what this movie is…a  video game put to film.  Then you will have fun at the cool shooting and fight scenes
Fun thing to notice…Tim olyphant walks the same way in the movie that he does in Deadwood…he swings the bottom half of his arms..but not the top part.  Watch it an see what i mean!
Worth seeing or Renting in future.