I'm not a Critic, just a brown guy that loves movies!

The Hitman- fun shoot em up..Tim Olyphant fans go watch !

I’ve been a big fan of Tim Olyphant for some time. He always seems to take a bad guy role or have a quirky side role in lots of movies.  Ever since Deadwood, where he was the badass sheriff, he’s been in Die Hard 4 and now Hitman.
It was a fun movie…dont go in with an expectation of anythimg more than what this movie is…a  video game put to film.  Then you will have fun at the cool shooting and fight scenes
Fun thing to notice…Tim olyphant walks the same way in the movie that he does in Deadwood…he swings the bottom half of his arms..but not the top part.  Watch it an see what i mean!
Worth seeing or Renting in future.

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