I'm not a Critic, just a brown guy that loves movies!

The Mist- trippy, fun, and crazy—I liked it- what an ending

I really enjoyed The Mist.  Stephen King BTW, is a really messed up guy..how does he get these ideas for stories in his head?
Anyways..im a big fan of Tom Jane..from Punisher and Deep Blue Sea.  He’s great in this movie.
Its got cool special effects..but somewhat subtle use of it overall ..which really makes you get into crazy scenario these people are in.
The good thing about this movie is that in terms of how the people act or end up acting…its sadly true. ..People in bad situations freak out and turn on each other so fast its sad.
Go See it..an let me know what you think…the ENDING IS SO AWESOME and really makes you leave the theater talking

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