I'm not a Critic, just a brown guy that loves movies!

I AM LEGEND- Awesome action, acting, story

Ok I have been waiting for I Am Legend for some time….and it really, really delivered.  DO NOT listen to any of the critics ..something i always say….but especially for this movie they are so wrong.
Will Smith is always great..but WOW this performance was amazing..being completely alone and having only a dog to be with.
The move was awesome..great story..special affects..some sad parts that are really tough…and a good ending no matter what people say.
I also LOVED the dog in the movie..reminded me of my german shepard Samson.
GO see this at least once now…PLUS as a bonus..the new Dark Knight Trailer plays before it.  AND if you look closely in the movie you will see a little plug for the Batman vs Superman Movie coming in a few years.

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