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There Will Be Blood- Good, mean, and odd

Ive never described a movie as Mean before..but wow There Will Be Blood is not only good…but after watching Daniel Day Lewis..you’ll agree ..its mean. He is so strong as his mean oil man character..it seeps through.
I really liked the story and movie…the only odd thing was how long it was and that it seemed to drag a bit at the end ..to an ending that was just plain odd.  But it was in line with the movie i guess.
I recommend seeing this for sure, but like No Country For Old Men, dont expect an easy ending

In the Name of the King Dungeon Seige–HORRIBLE

Yuck.  I watched this movie really because i miss Lord of The Rings so much and im a fan of Jason Statham.  But wow this was really bad.
A cheap attempt at an epic movie.  The musical score was probably the biggest problem. Im not sure who did it..but when you overload a simple scene with huge cheesy scores…it really does the movie a disservice.   Also so many of the scenes were cut too fast and not developed. It was like an amateur directed or wrote it or both.
Too bad, this had some potential.   A lot of actors in the movie too..Ray Liotta! who i like, claire forlani ..and then an ensemble of more C list ones.
Anyways…stay away..dont see this one