I'm not a Critic, just a brown guy that loves movies!

In the Name of the King Dungeon Seige–HORRIBLE

Yuck.  I watched this movie really because i miss Lord of The Rings so much and im a fan of Jason Statham.  But wow this was really bad.
A cheap attempt at an epic movie.  The musical score was probably the biggest problem. Im not sure who did it..but when you overload a simple scene with huge cheesy scores…it really does the movie a disservice.   Also so many of the scenes were cut too fast and not developed. It was like an amateur directed or wrote it or both.
Too bad, this had some potential.   A lot of actors in the movie too..Ray Liotta! who i like, claire forlani ..and then an ensemble of more C list ones.
Anyways…stay away..dont see this one

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