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Archive for February, 2008

Spiderwick Chronicles—surprisingly good ..not just for kids

Spiderwick Chronicles really surprised me. I didnt even intend to see it because i almost didnt even hear about it. The marketing for it was so small and it looked likea kids movie..maybe like the Bridge to Terabithia that let down so many people.
But Spiderwick was reall good! Decent special affects and fun adventure/fairy tale story line.  Also some good actors made appearances..including a short lived cameo by Nick Nolte!
I definitely recommend you see this…take a little brother or sister or your kids and you’ll enjoy it.

Jumper- Good..but felt like it didnt live up to the Trailer

I saw Jumper ..a movie i was excited to see because im a fan of sci/fi special effects movies like this.  But i have to say..thought it was good…but not as good as it should have been.
The trailer was done so well..you had an expectation of a bigger movie than it was.  There was a lot of story line i wanted to get but didnt. Including maybe some history about his powers..or the hunters.
It was a fun movie i would recommend seeing it or renting it…but try to ignore the hype and lower your expectation and you’ll enjoy it much more.