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Archive for March, 2008

Never Back Down- MMA UFC fans will enjoy this

 Never Back Down was a good fighting movie.  Its the first of a few ive heard are being made..which is great. There are so many of us now that are big fans of UFC and MMA.  This movie has decent action and really pumps you up.  Good acting and storyline also.  Djimon Honsu is great in it.
Any guys watching this will leave wanting to go workout or punch a bag..so good motivator before you hit the gym!

Horton Hears a horrible movie!

Horton Hears a Who—was a let down.  The way i review animated movies is really for adults …because in general  kids like anything animated.  As much as i love a good funny animated movie..this wasnt one. I literally fell asleep a few times..it wasnt funny..and was farely boring.  The story got old quick..and Jim Carrey just seemed to not have it anymore…just wasnt funny.   Steve Carrell didnt help either…..all these big names including Seth Rogen..were completely wasted on this movie.  Putting them in it made it appealing to grown ups..but wow very disappointing.

Doomsday- Action Packed, Ridiculous, and really fun to watch

Wow so Doomsday is definitely unique.  Its got over the top gore/blood and action..but also some ridiculous scenes.  Consider a cross over between Mad Max and 28 days later.  The best part about it is that the movie actually makes fun of itself!   The entire audience was laughing "at" the movie one minute..but then with it the next.
Rhona Mitra is great in this…and im happy she finally got a leading role all to herself. 
Anyway…go see it with low expectations and just go to have fun…im pretty sure you will have a good laugh and really like the action.
Just beware if you can’t take overt gore/blood ..dont watch this.

10,000 B.C- Great effects, cool action, caveman dialogue?

Well those of you special effects fans…and overall Sci Fi people…go see 10,000 B.C.  It was great action…ok storyline..and really decent effects.
Only thing lacking was the script/dialogue..but now that i think of it..they were basically like cavemen! lol so shouldnt have expected a whole lot!
Go with low expectations or make it a rental some day.  But if you are a history buff and get pissed off at inaccuracies…you definitely want to avoid this…its choc’ full of mistakes.
I actually think Steven Strait will be a big star one day..or is on his way. He was in the Covenant too…hopefully this movie gets him some big jobs. 

Vantage Point—will piss you off but you will like the movie

Haha…so Vantage Point..will truely piss you off…because almost half of the movie is constant flashbacks…and rewinds.  After the 3rd one..people in the theater were laughing..and some were cussing!
But i tell you this….you may be annoyed..but the story and the twists will truly keep you interested and suck you in.  Its really a great movie..lots of action..and suspense (at least about what you havent been shown yet)
I think its worth renting at least…Dennis Quaid is great in this..and i think its a bit funny that Forrest Whitaker is in this..im sure he filmed it before his Oscar win…because he is not the lead role.