I'm not a Critic, just a brown guy that loves movies!

Vantage Point—will piss you off but you will like the movie

Haha…so Vantage Point..will truely piss you off…because almost half of the movie is constant flashbacks…and rewinds.  After the 3rd one..people in the theater were laughing..and some were cussing!
But i tell you this….you may be annoyed..but the story and the twists will truly keep you interested and suck you in.  Its really a great movie..lots of action..and suspense (at least about what you havent been shown yet)
I think its worth renting at least…Dennis Quaid is great in this..and i think its a bit funny that Forrest Whitaker is in this..im sure he filmed it before his Oscar win…because he is not the lead role.

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