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Archive for April, 2008

Street Kings- Dark, Gritty..good..and Keanu is not Neo!

As soon as Street Kings started, i thought i’d be thinking about the Matrix..and seeing Keanu as NEO through the whole thing.  But i have to say he did a great job playing a dark cop.  The movie was great..lots of action…and an amazing cast…Forest Whitaker, and a host of others.
Decent storyline and a few twists that aren’t so predictable.  I highly recommend it for any fans of Cop/Street/action movies.

Stop Loss- eye opening movie, with no resolution

Stop Loss is a movie i think everyone should see.  Not so much that it was a spectacular movie..but because of the message and the facts is portrays about the war.  The movie focuses on a group of Texas soldiers that return home…and one who is "Stop Lossed" where even though he finished his tour of duty is forced to go back to war because of the lack of soliders.
Its a sad fact that affects thousands of soldiers.  I think Ryan Phillippe and the rest of the cast are pretty good in the movie. Although I wasnt super happy with the ending ..i guess it was a realistic ending vs. the one you are hoping for during the movie.
See it or Rent it.