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Redbelt- Great movie, good complex story, great acting, needed more fights

I just saw Redbelt, the first of many upcomign MMA fighting movies…this one by David Mamet.  I have to say i really really liked it.  I actually expected the typical fight movie..pretty much all fighting.  But..i was surprised..it had not only a great story..but quite a bit of complex story ..great acting …and a decent ending.
I dont understand why this movie was not marketed broadly or very well..it was a very quiet release.  I highly recommend this to everyone..not just those like me who love a good fight movie and are into UFC and MMA.  Its truly a decent movie.  BTW Tim Allen…yes Tim Allen is in it..actually doesnt do a bad job…no comedy involved

IronMan- Robert Downey is hilarious, and action packed movie!

I have to say..im VERY VERY impressed with John Favreau’s IronMan.  It had everything. Tons of action, great special effects, and some great comic relief from Robert Downy Jr.
He was great as Tony Stark…and gave a wonderful performance.  The story line really worked well..and tried to stay true to the Ironman comic.  The cast was rounded out well by Terrence Howard (who i hope gets a bigger role in the sequel)…and Gweneth Paltrow (who did well in a light role as Pepper Potts).
and even Jeff Bridges as the bad guy…was great.
The BEST surprise of the movie comes after the credits…be sure to stay and watch it.  But for those of you that didnt stay and missed it…..i’ll go ahead and let you in on it….Samuel L. Jackson appears as Nick Fury..and invites Stark to join the Avengers….which alludes to an upcoming Avengers movie!  If true..what an amazing next step!
I really hope John gets to direct more comic book movies…he really understands what fans want