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Wanted- Great action, effects, story

Wanted was even better than I expected.  Angelina Jolie was sexy in it of course..but the whole movie was really well done.  Cool unique plotline…but the action sequences were just amazing.  Some of the shooting scenes and effects for them really just made you say "wow" in the middle of them.
If you’re a gun owner like me, you’ll watch this movie and want to go shooting the next day at the range!
Go see it now!

Kung Fu Panda- Jack Black on his game!

Kung Fu Panda was hilarious.  Sometimes its hit or miss for Jack Black…but frankly he was on is A game throughout the movie.  I always measure comedies by the fact that i laugh out loud or not.  And there were definitely some good parts of this movie where i laughed out loud.
The animation and graphics were really great.  I had a hard time pinpointing who the other actors were (other than Ian McShane as the bad guy) but they were recognizable voices which i liked.
I recommend this for adults and kids…go see it now!!

The Happening- Dont listen to critics..go see it! its not bad

The critics just have it out for M. Night Shyamalan…so don’t listen to all the negative buzz.  The happening actually isnt bad..i liked it.
I highly recommend you go see it and form ur own opinions.  Now the only odd thing about it is..that he didnt put himself in the movie!..which is out of character for him.  Apparently he is a voice on the other end of a phone call..but not in the movie himself.  I was disappointed because me and my friends spent the movie trying to find him!

The Incredible Hulk- Puts Ang lee’s version to Shame

Louis Letterier should get an academy award.  Maybe not because The Incredible Hulk was an amazing dramatic masterpiece..but because he single handedly  (along wtih Ed Norton’s help) resurrected the Incredible Hulk from a dismal death from Ang Lee’s joke of an original.
I loved the move…they took it a different way..hulk was meaner and real looking..vs a hokey Shrek like CGI in number 1.  The fight scenes were great…and i think Ed Norton was a great Bruce Banner
If ur a fan..go see this movie!  There is a great cameo at the end that is well worth seeing.
I’ll see this one again soon im sure

Don’t Mess with Zohan- some laughs, maybe good rental

Zohan may be a good rental…its got some laughs…but not the funniest thing Adam Sandler has ever done.  One annoying fact is that lots funny comments are in arabic or hebrew and not translated for the auidience.  Its also not a movie for kids of any age to go to
No need to rush and go see thigs, possibly a rental down the line

Indiana Jones 4- Cheesy, corny, but kinda entertaining

See Indy 4 because Harrison Ford deserves our respect! haha..
BUTE only go with low expectations and remember what the original movies were like…and you’ll really enjoy this one.
it was entertaining…even among some cheesy parts that i dont have to name..you’ll know what they are…and some bad special effects… though it felt good to see Indy on screen again..and to hear his trademark music.
At the least its a decent rental

Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian–Good sequel, worth seeing!

Chronicles of Narnia 2 was really good..  Great action…good story…and probably should have done better at the box office than it did. The timing was bad..going up against Indiana Jones.  But I highly recommend seeing this sequel. 
I do wish it had somewhat more action from Aslan in the movie…but i guess it needed to keep close to the books.