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Hancock- funny, and Will Smith and Charleze Theron great tagteam

I like everyone else am a big fan of Will Smith…and I was waiting for Hancock to come out for a long time.  I have to say it really delivered.  It had great action…a really interesting story…some really funny parts..thanks to Jason Bateman who’s career has been revived ever since Arrested Development.  (Go see the Kingdom he’s good in that too)
Frankly I liked Hancock more than Superman.  Its sad that even the trailer for Hancock had more action and super power usage than the entire Superman Returns movie. 
Also Charleze Theron was great in tihs…she really looked good throughout (sometimes she looks very different in her movies)…and I think the tag team of her and Will Smith was a great idea.
Definitely go see it…and wait a few minutes at the end to see the last scene

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