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Archive for August, 2008

Mirrors- Surprisingly great! some good scary parts

Mirrors was a great scary movie…and i thought it would be just another B rated scary movie.
But Wow i was wrong. Keifer Sutherland is great in it…and there is great suspense..some shock moments..and it turns from a haunting type movie to a demon type movie ..its great.
interesting ending also.
I recommend you go see this if you can handle scary movies..its freaky and really good

Tropic Thunder- Funny, and surprising how many actors are in it!

Ok Tropic Thunder was funny..but i think the best part about the movie..is that so many actors made cameos in it!  From Tom Cruise to Matt McConaghey…i had no idea they were all in it..and they are all making fun of themselves a bit too.
Its a fun movie to go watch…but if you’re senstive about jokes focused on people with retardation..you may want to skip

Pineapple express– usual stoner movie, some laughs

Pineapple Express was only ok.  There were a few parts that i laughed out loud..but its your typical stoner comedy.   Seth rogen is a great writer and decent actor for sure..and for that reason worth seeing all his work.
What i really liked though were the 80s/90s references in the comedy.  My favorite line was "what’s down there ? a F’in Rancor?"   some people didnt catch this when James Franco said it..but i loved the line

Step Brothers– Will Ferrel and John C. Reileyperfect tag team

Step Brothers was great!  Lived up to the previews..and John C Reiley with Will Ferrel is a great tag team!
I definitely recommend renting or seeing this.  Its got some laugh out loud parts…and some that are so so.