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Burn After Reading: Wow surprising dark comedy..that was REALLY good

Ok ..you have no idea what Burn after Reading is like just from the previews.  It looks like a simple comedy etc…but wow   it ends up being this randomly dark comedy..with some crazy graphic violence and really hilarious scenarios with george clooney and brad pitt
John Malkovich is just hilarious and crazy in it.
You should definitely go see this ASAP…its random, funny..and full of some dark laughs!

Righteous Kill- Sad to see DeNiro and Pacino dont have it anymore

The only way i can describe Righteous Kill is  "Ho Hum" …it was just kinda sorta medium..wasnt horrible..but wasnt very great either.
Its sad that actors like DeNiro and Pacino are not getting great roles in good movies anymore.
Im a fan of Carla Gugino..she was great in it…but in general the movie was just sorta average.
Thus not something i would recommend anyone run out and see it

Traitor- Don Cheadle did great…good movie

Traitor  was definitely worth seeing.  Of course Don Cheadle is good in nearly everything he does…so seeing him take lead on an action / spy movie was great.  The movie had lots of nice twists that kept it going well.  It also takes an interesting view on the whole terrorist topic.
Guy Pierce is also in it and does a pretty good job as  a southern american FBI agent..i was waiting for part of his english accent to come out..but it didnt!
Anyways..good action..good suspense/thriller plot.  Def a good one to see

Babylon AD–horrible ending ruins the movie

I am shocked at how bad Babylon AD ended.  Im a Vin Diesel fan..and wanted him to have another good movie.  And have to admit 90% of it was decent..especially if you are a fan of futuristic post-apocalypitic type stuff. 
BUT…and thats a big BUT…the ending is complete crap!  its random..no good resolution..or anything that would make you feel good about the movie.
So for that….i have to say..this is one you should skip
better luck next Vin.  He’s making Fast and furious 3..im sure that will be good

Death Race- Violent, Bloody, great action and entertaining!.

Its like Running Man back in the day with ARnold.  It was bloody…funny…with great action…and a good ending.
If you’re a Jason Statham fan you should def initely see this..just not for the faint of heart if you can’t handle blood.
There are also some great actors in this!  Ian McShane (from Deadwood) is hilarious…even Joan Allen!
Rent it for a nice entertaining night..of racing and killing1