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Max Payne== Good action movie..but sells short on the supernatural angle

Max Payne’s trailers lie to you.  Its simple as that.  The trailer would lead you to believe there is some supernatural play in the movie.
But the entire movie uses it more as a metaphor….the people never really fight or battle the angels/demons you see in the trailer or the movie.
That pisses me off.  See they could have avoided all that…and they would have still had a great movie.  It really was good action and a fun movie to watch.
But this borderline..is it supernatural is it not BS really got on my nerves.  Mark Wahlberg was good in it at least…and Mila Kounis.
Go in for the action movie not a sci fi thriller.

Pride and Glory–Wow…as good as The Departed.

OK Pride and Glory flat out surprised me how good it was. Complex story lines..with great twists…drama..etc.
Ed Norton is good as always.  Even Collin Farrel ..who really is the reason i doubted this movie would be very good…was acceptable.
The movie is a great corrupt cop story…that is so well done I have to say its on par with if not better than The Departed.  Thats hard to say but because Pride and Glory added all these other elements (stories like a sick wife and a past coverup..that i dont want to giveaway) that are key to why things are happening is really the genius of this movie.
Go check this out now..or buy it

Quarantine– Very good suspense, unique take/plot…but annoying ending

OK I loved 99% of Quarantine. It had great suspense, some good action and a nice twist to the usual zombie/monster plot line.
BUT…i was annoyed at the ending…reminded me a bit like i felt at the end of cloverfield…or the wes craven movie They
Its sad that such a great movie just ended with nothing at the end.
So this is a tough one..i do reccomend seeing it but just keep expectation at the end to a minimum

Appaloosa — Too slow even with Vigo

Im disappointed that Appaloosa wasnt good.  Im a big fan of Vigo Mortensen and Ed Harris.   The idea of the movie was great…2 hired guns that come in to clean up a town…done well many times in the past
But this time they forgot to remember that audiences like action! and not a movie of slow character building.  There were a couple of small action sequences..but really leaves you feeling cheated.
Don’t see unless you have to..and if you do..go with low expectations

Eagle Eye- action packed, twists..go Shia

Shia leBeouf is really takin off.. with Transformers 2 coming soon and after a string of good movies….Eagle Eye was another good one.
I wont giveaway the twist but the movie is def more than just what you see in the previews.
Also the whole thing is action packed..there is almost no down time which is great..i saw this movie when i was really tired late and night and it kept my attention throughout.  Great action, some good twists….Billy bob thorton was great in it too
I definitely recommend this ..you wont be disappointed