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Four Christmases– Vince Vaughn style laughs..worth seeing

Vince Vaughn can usually make any movie funny..and Four christmases was laugh out loud because of him.  There were a few parts that i literally just couldnt help but laugh out loud..which is something i dont do too often.
Definitely worth seeing for a good laugh.  And i think Tim McGraw is in it? i couldnt tell if that was him playing his brother..i wanna just think so rather than look it up : )

Twilight- Pretty cool take on a vampire movie

I really liked Twilight.  I didnt know what to expect..all the crazy teen girl hype because the books were apparently more written as romances for chicks to read..but i gotta say the movie was cool.  It was a really different take on a Vamp movie….and didnt disappoint with a few good feats of strength, speed.,..and fight scenes.
The filming style was really cool..the cinematography…plus the fact that it was filmed in the northwest made me miss Seattle!
Im also gonna stay away from the books because i dont wanna know what happens in the next movies.
Definitely go check it out…but watch out for all the tweens in the audience! lol

Rock n Rolla- What you’d hope from a Guy Ritchie flick..Awesome hilarious and good action

Rock n Rolla is one of those movies that reminds you why people love Guy Ritchie.  Its got tons of wit..twists..interconnected characters…with a great set of action scenese…comedy…and its simply entertaining!
Everyone will be happy to know that there is already a sequel planned..which should be just as good ..i cant wait to see it.
Gerard Butler is great in this..but i was surprised to see Ludacris and Jeremy Piven both had roles in it…it was a nice surprise
If you liked movies like Snatch or Layer cake..u’ll definitely like this

Haunting of Molly Hartley- one of the WORST movies…avoid at all costs

This was horrific…not in the scary horror movie way..but horrificly BAD…this was simply horrible.
It wasnt scary..had no clear sense of its own story line…no real supernatural scenes or ending…it was a complete waste of time.
I just dont understand…dont the movie studios ..directors..producers…and even the actors know how bad a movie is before its released? they should have re cut or went strait to DVD for this.  I guess just because it had chace crawford in it they thought it was worth releasing.
Ugh avoid this one