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Taken- GREAT movie..constant action and Liam Neeson

Taken is one of those just amazing sleeper movies that will leave you walking out of the theater saying "wow it was good"…i know because not only was i saying that..but the entire crowd around me on the way out did.
Had non stop action, cool fight scenes..and great build up of the story..and my favorite..an actual ending!!  Slightly off putting because its about a topic of human trafficking that is actually true..and happens every day in europe etc.
Go see this one NOW!…wont be an award winner or a critcs choice..but you will love it.

The Wrestler- Good Performances..but bad ending

Im disappointed the way the Wrestler ended though i liked the movie until the end.  It was a good movie, fun and Sad..and MIckey rourke was great. BUT  the ending ruined the flow of the story.  There wasnt enough closure.  These days so many directors think its "cool" to just end films and not close story lines etc..but this movie would have been just great with a few more scenes to close it out
Most of Mickey Rourke’s role was performed in just emotion, looks, etc…not a ton of dialogue.  Which was interesting…but i also give him props for taking alot of the physical stuff on for real..including getting actually stapled a bunch of times.
So worth seeing…but be ready for a sudden ending

Underworld 3- Rise of the Lycans…very cool and well connected to 1 and 2

I liked Rise of the Lycans..again no matter what the dumb ass critics say.  I loved it for the pure action and great effects…and above all..how well it tied into the first 2 movies.  They were able to get nearly all the cast from the first 2 movies to join for the prequel….which made it great.
The werewolf fight scenes were awesome..and michael sheen that plays Lucian was finally given the center stage.  Im also a big fan of Rhona Mitra..totally underrated actress.
So if ur looking for amazing drama…and tear jerking performances…skip this movie…but if you’re a fan of the series…want some great action and to be entertained..go see this asap

Slumdog Millionaire- Wow one of the best movies of the year!

OK so believe the hype and the critics on this one.  Slumdog Millionaire is one of the best movies of the year.
Its got some funny parts…but some really great drama and heart wrenching scenes …about some actual very sad but very true things about slum life in India.  But the movie is done so well…and really keeps you interested the whole time.
Its the must see movie of the year..so go out now and see it ASAP
BTW its by the same people that brought The Namesake

Seven Pounds– Good, sad, slightly slow

Seven Pounds was a decent movie….sad…but i have to say it was a bit slow.  So just be prepared….its definitely worth seeing, and you are able to figure out what the main character is doing pretty fast if you pay attention to detail…so i feel like i knew the plotline up front..would have been nice if they kept it more of a secret..but it was still really nice sad movie.
Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidmans son Connor is in it..for like 1 minute…he plays Will Smith as a little boy…found that kind of interesting.
Anyways..let me know what you think..and if you cried or not lol

Yes Man- Really funny..and Zoey Deschanel steals the show

Yes Man was kinda surprising to me that it was actually a fun movie.  Jim carrey in my opinion kinda lost his appeal..and i havent thought he was funny since i was a kid…but i gotta say Yes Man was great..very entertaining.
But the unique thing about it was Zoey Deschanel..who is always a supporting actress or has a side role in lots of movies..and TV shows (like Weeds..which i love).  I have to say i think she nearly stole the show in this one! Something about her presence is really funny in like an independent hippy kinda way.  I also just saw her in seattle last weekend at Dinner with her fiance..I guess he lives here. 
Its a good light hearted movie..go check it out.