I'm not a Critic, just a brown guy that loves movies!

Underworld 3- Rise of the Lycans…very cool and well connected to 1 and 2

I liked Rise of the Lycans..again no matter what the dumb ass critics say.  I loved it for the pure action and great effects…and above all..how well it tied into the first 2 movies.  They were able to get nearly all the cast from the first 2 movies to join for the prequel….which made it great.
The werewolf fight scenes were awesome..and michael sheen that plays Lucian was finally given the center stage.  Im also a big fan of Rhona Mitra..totally underrated actress.
So if ur looking for amazing drama…and tear jerking performances…skip this movie…but if you’re a fan of the series…want some great action and to be entertained..go see this asap

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