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Watchmen- as my friend Joe would say ” Meh “

So with all the hype about Watchmen..i tried to tell myself to ignore it and go in with low expectations.  I was already a bit biased against it because i HATE WITH A PASSION when a movie is marketed by telling the audience how great it is..and how they should think its amazin or they are not hip and cool.
haha ok so maybe the marketing and trailer didnt say exactly that..but when the main message for the trailer is about how amazing the graphic novel was..and how it was award winning and epic blah blah blah… im already as a marketing guy..gonna be pissed.
Regular comic book fans and normal people never read Watchmen..it wasnt some super popular series or story..or more people would be fans of it.  I barely heard of it and i was a big Marvel and DC guy growing up.
OK so again i tried to go in to give the movie a chance.  I have to say overall..it was only ok.  It really wasnt all it was hyped to be..maybe it was great for die hard Watchmen fans who read the novel..but not for me.  Its not something i would see again, or buy…and thats sayin alot.
The very few action scenes in it were good..but there weren’t enough.  I wanted to see more of Dr. Manhattan’s powers and more actual story/background on them.   I also think the movie was mis-cast.  If there were at least a couple bigger names attached, i think it would have held my attention more….instead of feeling kinda slow.   
I saw it on Opening weekend Saturday…but there were no lines, and the theater in Houston that i watched it in was nearly empty….which to me is always a bad sign.
Anyways.. if i pissed off you die hard Watchmen fans (all 10 of you) sorry..but the truth is this movie just missed the mark to being a great one.
Skip watching it, renting it..or buying it. 

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